Document Experiences and Progress

Track Every Ride, Share Every Experience

App Features

GPS Ride Tracking (Map of ride with data about speed, distance, etc.)

Capture where you rode, on the trail or in the arena.

Picture/Video of ride

Record a moment of the ride or a video of what you and your horse did today.

Ride Analytics

How fast and far did you go? What were your gait breakdowns?

App Features

Horse Profile

Track every expereince. Veterinarians and health records, farrier, competitions, every ride, every picture, every video for life.

Share ride or horse profile to social media

Stay connected with those interested in you and your horse's progress and experience.


Capture the horse's conformation along with its performance progress.

App Features

Share/Transfer Horse Profile

Share horse profiles with potential buyers or transfer the entire profile to new owners.

Give Ride Updates

Trainers can share daily sessions with horse owners by enabling notifications.

Start the Experience

Test the waters with our free version or unlock the full version with our paid options.


United States

"I love that I can see how many miles and hours I rode this month! I also love that me and my friends can share with each other all of our rides."



"It has saved me a lot of time when communicating with the owners of the horses that I am training. The app keeps them up to date on rides and what we are working on. This has saved me so much time. If we sell the horses the potential buyers have the opportunity to see the history of the horse and to own their profile. This has made marketing and selling the horses so much easier."

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